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Redemption & Triumph

An authentic Gospel, the first century Gospel, the Book of Acts Gospel for today.
Welcome to Redemption and Triumph!

The church of Jesus Christ is going through an incredible and increasing flow of the power of the Holy Spirit across the earth. Believers are finding their ability and empowerment to present the love of God through the power of God © to the individuals and communities and countries in which they live.

The Holy Spirit is active, vital and empowering his church to demonstrate the “kindness of the Lord that leads to repentance” by healing the sick and prophetic encouragement.

The ministry of Redemption and Triumph was started to help bring the teaching of the Word and the experience of the Holy Spirit through Prophecy, Word of Knowledge and Wisdom, Healing and Worship to Believers today.

Redemption and Triumph can provide individual or group teaching, training, impartation, and worship ministry to help activate and empower your church or home groups.

Our goal is to help as many who will, to move into the fullness of the Holy Spirit for today.

Faith in Action at the Tapestry Healing Rooms

Six power-packed sessions on Healing and Prophecy. At a recent Healing Rooms Conference Rev. Joseph McCauley taught on two aspects of the Healing Ministry available to all Believers today.

The first session discussed “Roadblocks to Healing” and the second illustrated how the Gifts of Healings are given through the Biblical act of Impartation with the laying on of hands.

Watch them all here.

Resource: The Gifts that Reveal God

Download the free excerpt of Joe's book on Prophecy here.

This resource was designed to help any Believer understand the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and how to be used and flow naturally in Prophecy, Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom. The full e-Book is available through the ministry for $10. Just email to request a copy.

Faith in Action: Maria Jose

An amazing healing testimony from our recent healing mission trip with Randy Clark and his “Global Awakening” Ministry.

Over the years our ministry has seen many miracles of healing take place in the nation of Brazil and in the United States. Just a few examples include:

Rosamar, Brazil
A 25 year old woman in Brazil who had never walked in her life was touched by the Holy Spirit and rose up out of her wheel chair and walked across her church floor - for the first time.

Connie, United States
A woman who had strokes in both eyes and could not read TV monitors or her Bible was healed without prayer after hearing testimonies of the healing of blind eyes.

Mark, United States
He was suffering from a strong back pain that had lasted several months. His pain was high and he could not touch the ground. After commanding the pain to go and the healing to come Mark was able to move freely and without pain.

Long distance healing of kidneys
We had a woman who’s cousin in Mexico had been told that she would need kidney dialysis as her kidneys were failing. That procedure would have cost $600 a Week, far more than the family could afford. After joining hands and speaking to that kidney condition as we stood in a church in the US we believed that no dialysis would be needed. The next Sunday we were informed that the woman in Mexico was told she would not need the treatment as her kidneys were healed.

Maria Jose, Uberlandia Brasil
The video will tell the story of this dear elderly woman whom God healed in a moment after prayer…

Watch Maria Jose's healing here.

We thank you Father for the Gifts you give to your people. Gifts you chose to flow through those who love you. You do the work and we get the joy of participating in it with you, so you are honored and the truth of Christ confirmed…

“I tell you the truth. Anyone who believes in me will do what I have been doing.” - Jesus Christ - John 14:12